Roger Adkins
Name Roger Adkins, PhD
Title Executive Director of the Center for Global and Career Education
Office  Landrum Bolling Center
Campus Mail Drawer 202
Pronouns they/them/their
Roger Adkins About
Roger Adkins is a scholar-administrator with a complex profile that includes extensive administrative work and expertise in global learning, ongoing interdisciplinary research and scholarship, and teaching in both domestic and international settings. They are a passionate interculturalist who strives to make global learning accessible for every student, both in on-campus and off-campus settings.

Roger identifies as queer, lives with a disability (not visible), and comes from a working-class background. They were also a first-generation college student. They are passionate about inclusiveness and are very happy to serve as a mentor or advocate for students from diverse backgrounds. They identify as gender nonbinary and use they/them/their pronouns.

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