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Announcements : Why can't I open a second app for the same term?

Announcement: Why can't I open a second app for the same term?

The system is set up to limit you to one app per term, but there are cases in which we could make an exception.
As a rule, Earlham College does not allow students to apply for two experiences that are scheduled in the same semester or break. Applying, for example, for two semester programs that are both scheduled for the same fall semester creates confusion about what your actual plan is and leads to miscounting of participants.

That being said, there are situations in which we can make exceptions when you are participating in programs of two different types at the same time. Some examples of allowable exceptions include:
  • Fall semester of off-campus study paired with use of your Epic Advantage award for a virtual experience
  • When you are combining an Honors Epic with an Epic Advantage experience
  • When you have two short summer programs that are scheduled at different times during the summer (e.g., an Epic Advantage Faculty-Led Program in May and June, and then a 6-week Freeman Asia-funded internship in July and early August)
The default is that such duplication is barred. If you believe you are interested in an allowable exception, please contact us at, giving us the details of the second program you would like to add (program name and specific term and year). We will be happy to assist you.