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About Us

Off-campus study is a central part of an Earlham education. We encourage you to become one of the many Earlham students who take advantage of these challenging and enriching educational experiences. More than 65 percent of Earlham graduates participate in a semester, year-long, or summer program during their Earlham career. Students tell us that during an off-campus experience they learn new ways of living and thinking, new ways of understanding the world, and they learn more about themselves and their own culture. Past participants often report that their off-campus experience was one of the most important parts of their liberal arts education and one that has a life-long impact on them.

All programs are open to students from any major, and students of all majors are encouraged to apply. We encourage you to discuss opportunities with your academic adviser early in your academic career and to visit the Center for Global Education for detailed information about the opportunities available to you. For some students, studying off-campus fits best in the sophomore year; for others the junior or senior year works best. This depends on your individual interests, your academic preparation, your major, your readiness to study off-campus, and the characteristics of the program that you have chosen.

Planning early for an off-campus experience helps to ensure that you have fulfilled the prerequisites for the program in which you are interested and that you can complete all the courses you need to graduate. Participants on off-campus study earn full academic credit for their coursework and grades from Earlham and Earlham-approved programs are included in the grade point average. Courses often count toward fulfillment of major or General Education Requirements.

The program fee for all Earlham and Earlham-approved programs is the equivalent of on-campus tuition, fees, room and board (unless the approved program's cost is higher than that of Earlham). The program fees do not include round trip transportation to and from the program site, passport and visa expenses, or personal expenses. Financial aid may be applied to one Earlham or Earlham-approved program.

Students interested in studying off-campus must submit a completed application to the Center for Global Education by the published deadlines. The selection process includes an interview with the program leader or with the campus representative for an Earlham-approved program. A student and faculty committee makes the final selections. Participation in Cross-Cultural Explorations - Pre, a pre-departure course for which students earn 1 semester credit, is required for all Earlham programs.

The Center for Global Education (CGE), located in the Landrum Bolling Center, is the central location to obtain the most current information about international and off-campus programs at Earlham. The staff in the CGE is always willing to discuss program options with you.