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Learning Goals

The following learning goals have been established for all Earlham off-campus programs:


Intercultural Communication Skills and Cultural Competencies

  • To gain an understanding of one's own cultural constructions, learn to be flexible in making cultural shifts in a new context, and learn to adapt to new cultural frameworks.
  • To acquire language and communication skills to effectively interact within other cultures and culturally diverse groups.

Global Forces and Transnational Phenomena

  • To learn how global forces and processes have affected ideas, groups, institutions, economies, and the natural environment.
  • To analyze issues including social conflict, gender/class/ethnic/language issues, environmental challenges, and community aspirations within a local and global framework.

Personal Development and Transformation

  • To take initiative to move out of one's comfort zones, to develop cultural humility, and to understand one's identity and role in relationship to others.
  • To engage in meaningful reflection on one's own learning and with others to understand a larger context, and learn to assess one's own learning in light of multiple understandings of the world.
  • To seek to understand situations from other points of view, and build inquisitiveness, confidence, and independence in life-long learning.

Social Responsibility and Transformation

  • To develop effective skills, analytical tools, and ethical perspectives to make positive contributions for the betterment of the common good.
  • To understand oneself as an agent of change, imagine alternatives to the world we live in, and work for justice, peace, and sustainability.